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by on Jun.25, 2010, under iPhone

Were you one of the many that got up early Monday morning to place an order for the new iPhone 4? I had one on reserve because of the server overload fiasco that locked many out of their rightful place to receive an iPhone on launch day delivered right to their door.  I like the iPhone, but not sure I wanted to wait in the line to be one of the first to say I got it.

I did jump in the car and head down to the local Apple store in San Jose only to find at about 6 AM about 50-75 customers waiting in line.  It was less than I expected but was more time that I wanted to invest to get my iPhone 4.  I decided to go pick up a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks and while waiting for my coffee I began to rationalize the decision to pick up my reserved phone.

I like the iPhone, but not sure I wanted to wait in the line to be one of the first to say I got it.

Let me see, there are about 50 people in line and at 10 minutes each with 10 Apple customer service representatives, that would not be too bad.  OK, I had thought through all the math and I think I can do it.  Let me grab my Venti non-fat no foam latte with 3 Splenda and head back over to park the car.  While it should have not been a surprise, it was a surprise to find out that at least an additional 25-40 people are now standing in line to pick up their iPhone 4.  I began to think, 75 people at 10 minutes a piece with 10 Apple customer…. forget it!  I need my iPad to figure that one out and it was not within reach.  While it is required for an iPad owner to have their iPad at any time, it is also required to secure it safely when having to leave it in a vehicle at the mall.  No really, it is in the iPad owners manual look it up.As I was saying, the line was too long for me to justify the time away from work.  I will just wait until my iPhone arrives from my online order July 6th.

I look forward to using  a few key features the phone has to offer. One key feature I am looking for is the touted FaceTime,  The application that provides a Skype type of video conferencing approach to the mobile phone industry.  I look forward to the higher resolution screen and the clarity that I see in what my iPad has to offer.

What key features are you looking forward to in the new iPhone 4?

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