Set Up and Get to Know Your New iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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Iphone 5

Just as with the Android post from Lifehacker this morning, they created a great informational tutorial on how to work with your new Apple iDevice. Don’t miss reading through the great posts and helping you become more familiar with your new Apple Smartphone!

Set Up and Get to Know Your New iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

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Evernote – The Killer Information App!

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There are many productivity programs on the market today that work for Apple, PC, Linux, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices but only a handful work on just about everything out there.  You can even access your information online in an “app” like interface.


So, what is the killer app that syncs between all the devices listed above andmore…. Evernote

Evernote is more than just a note taking app.  You can take or attach images, create isight notes, (Apple) or capture voice recordings which comes in handy for recording those meetings where everyone just talks too fast.  Take advantage of rich text editing for your notes in addition to the use of bullet points and checkboxes to help your text to flow in your note.



The company has developed browser add-ins for Safari, Firefox, and local memory resident programs that can be installed on your computers enable thou to clip text, images, music, and files that can be attached to notes.  The clipping feature for the browser is handy when you run across information while surfing the net if you choose to just clip some data or take the complete page of information into a note.  Use “Tags” to help search and locate information quickly as your database begins to grow with information.

All of your notes are stored and can be placed in categories or referred to as “Notebooks” in Evernote.  You can create sub-notebooks to group like categories easily. Most mobile devices offer a PIN lock to add an extra level of protection.  Evernote can be configured to parse through PDFs for searchable text so you can find it anytime.


To sync notebooks for offline use to your mobile device, you need to purchase a premium subscription.  The premium subscription for a mere $45 (year) adds some of the functionality described above in addition to the ability to sync 1 GB a month, faster image recognition, larger files (attachments) and the ability to share folders with others.

The Evernote team is very responsive and just about every month there is a new feature or enhancement that has been added to the program.

To download Evernote for your computer: or click the link below to download the i version from the Apple store.  Apple users can also download the app from the App store and Android users – Well you know where to get it, the Google App store!


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Carrier IQ: any logging is the fault of HTC, other makers

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This article posted by MacNN brings to light some points about security.  It is important to put things into perspective.  You are being tracked without your knowledge.  Did you not think that could happen without Carrier IQ?  If so, you are wrong.  Think about using your debit or credit cards.  If you use a debit card today, could someone understand where you go and what your habits are today? Yes!  IF I could track your mouse clicks via browser history, could I not find out what you were looking for or your interest?  Yes!

So, putting the focus back on the fact that you were not aware that the phone was tracking your movements or touch points is more the issue.

Carrier IQ: any logging is the fault of HTC, other makers:

Carrier IQ followed up its technical discussion of how its system works with an implication that phone designers like HTC were compromising the security of its device tracking. In a chat with The Verge, marketing VP Andrew Coward was careful not to mention HTC by name but gave strong clues that a standard Android log file containing the normally unsaved information had to have been populated by HTC with the tracking data. HTC’s software in this view was making copies of whatever the Carrier IQ programming interface saw….

(Via MacNN | The Macintosh News Network)

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Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer Helps You See Things Better

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Windows 7 offers a great feature, taskbar thumbnails.  You know, when you roll over an open program in the taskbar and see a display of all the windows for that application open.  This “jump” type feature allows you to view the window you want to jump to quickly without having to cycle through a number of other windows first.

Some people struggle to see what is in the window when making a choice of what open window to jump to.  This is where the Win 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer helps you to adjust various aspects of the thumbnails to help you get a better idea of what is actually in the window.  Think back to when you have three open emails in Outlook and wanted to jump to a specific email and reply to it… Well if the thumbnail was larger it would be easy to identify the one email of the many open to jump right to it.

The program can be downloaded here. Click here to Download

Detailed instructions on how to ue the program can he found here: Instructions

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2 Weeks and Counting with my iPhone 4

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Hey is that the new iPhone?  Common question that is still asked today.  My reply, yes it is.  Do you have the dropped call problem that they are talking about on the news?  My reply, no not in mine, they actually sent me a phone that did not have that problem.  I am only one out of the 1.7 million users that does not drop calls, has a constant 5 bars of signal at all times, and oh yeah my proximity sensor works so I do not hang up on people when I put my phone to my ear.  I have pull you know, Steve (Jobs) and I go way back.

The conversation continues, really you know Steve Jobs to which my reply is yes.  He and I are in the same telephone book and even live in the same state.  By this time they know I may not be totally up front with them and somehow discount the fact that my phone doesn’t drop calls.  Well in all honesty, my iPhone 4 drops as many calls as my iPhone 3Gs.  It is said to say that is why I am happy with it.  There I said it,  I am happy with my iPhone 4.

I am happy with my iPhone 4 for a number of reasons.  The screen is beautiful, it is faster than the previous 3Gs and coupled with the new IOS 4, well I really like it.  Do I like the Droid phone.  Yes I do, but I will have to say that it appears that Apple did do a good job with multitasking.  When I had my Motorola Droid and ran multiple apps it was reminiscent of the HP iPaq days.  It began to move slower and slower until I unloaded all the apps.  With my iPhone 4 I actually move to check and fine I have 15 apps running.  I realize that not all are running at the same time, or are they?  There are some residual tags that do draw battery, memory and I am sure some CPU cycles.

Every day more and more of my apps are available with IOS 4 compatibility and take advantage of the multitasking capability. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to shell out $200 a year for a new phone, but I have to say as long as I can do it, I will.

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How Do You Like Your iPad?

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The 6 words every iPad owner hears when using his or her iPad.  The next question is what can you do with it?  C’mon, if you own an iPad you have heard these questions, right?  Yes.

So let’s start with the first question, how do you like your iPad.  I love it!  Do I wish it could do more things? Yes!  But think about it…. You have just asked me this question in the middle of the airport as we both head toward our gates to board a plane.  There is not enough time to cover all the points about the unit that I like or what I would change.

One could say it is a simple yes or no question, but it isn’t.  It also does not stop there.  They want to know more and as an iPad user you are required to tell them more. I thought I would take the time and post key points about the iPad that I like.

Item 1:

I am a fan of the iPhone and now iPhone 4 and one point I like about the iPad is the screen real estate.  The larger screen affords more content, design, and style for the applications that are designed for it.  It is not just the need to have an application fill a need, the application needs to be designed with the end user in mind and simple enough to use.  What I dislike about the screen size is that it adds weight.  The iPad is just a little too heavy to be held in your hand for any length of time.

Item 2:

The ability to begin to do more “laptop like” functions.  I can now email and open files, use iTunes to sync files, or use other programs like PadSync to move over documents that I need to review is a huge leap forward.  I realize that you could again do this to some degree with the iPhone, but with the extended real estate it makes it a more desirable.

I scour the App Store searching for the next great app.  the next great game, utility, or productivity enhancement program that will make my like much easier.

Item 3:

The user interface.  Apple just seems to think about the easiest way for someone to figure out on their own how to use an application and they build to that.  While other companies provide 3 inch thick manuals, Apple has a thin pamphlet that provides details about specific keys.  Everything else can be figured out logically.  At least I think so.

I have several other key points I like about the iPad but I will let you invest in it and find out for yourself.  Keep in mind the real question…. It may not be if I like the iPad and if it does everything I want it to do, but do you like it and can it do what you want it to?


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Capture Everything With Evernote

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Over the years I have used a number of programs to capture my notes, images, and project information.  The problem is that two main challenges exist with these solutions. The first challenge was having various notes on different computers.  My life has evolved over the last few years and as a 28 year Windows guy, I made the jump to using Apple.  To be fair I also use Ubuntu and a few other OS to expand my understanding of these systems.  I can have at any given time two computers open and capturing notes for a meeting. Now you may think that you will never use two computers, but think about the need to access notes on your work laptop via your home computer.   I needed the ability to sync the notes to all of my computers.  Evernote allows you to do that and access information the cloud.

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Microsoft Outlook Smart Date Functions

by on Jun.26, 2010, under Featured

You’re sitting at your desk setting up an appointment in Outlook. You want to set up a meeting two weeks after Christmas to kick-off the new year right but you are not sure of the date. Well, Outlook can help you with that.

Microsoft Outlook has what is referred to as Smart Date Logic. I know what you’re thinking… Wow, fancy words, but what does that really mean to you? It means you could enter the following entries in the cleared start date field and Outlook with update appropriately.

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