Evernote – The Killer Information App!

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There are many productivity programs on the market today that work for Apple, PC, Linux, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices but only a handful work on just about everything out there.  You can even access your information online in an “app” like interface.


So, what is the killer app that syncs between all the devices listed above andmore…. Evernote

Evernote is more than just a note taking app.  You can take or attach images, create isight notes, (Apple) or capture voice recordings which comes in handy for recording those meetings where everyone just talks too fast.  Take advantage of rich text editing for your notes in addition to the use of bullet points and checkboxes to help your text to flow in your note.



The company has developed browser add-ins for Safari, Firefox, and local memory resident programs that can be installed on your computers enable thou to clip text, images, music, and files that can be attached to notes.  The clipping feature for the browser is handy when you run across information while surfing the net if you choose to just clip some data or take the complete page of information into a note.  Use “Tags” to help search and locate information quickly as your database begins to grow with information.

All of your notes are stored and can be placed in categories or referred to as “Notebooks” in Evernote.  You can create sub-notebooks to group like categories easily. Most mobile devices offer a PIN lock to add an extra level of protection.  Evernote can be configured to parse through PDFs for searchable text so you can find it anytime.


To sync notebooks for offline use to your mobile device, you need to purchase a premium subscription.  The premium subscription for a mere $45 (year) adds some of the functionality described above in addition to the ability to sync 1 GB a month, faster image recognition, larger files (attachments) and the ability to share folders with others.

The Evernote team is very responsive and just about every month there is a new feature or enhancement that has been added to the program.

To download Evernote for your computer: or click the link below to download the i version from the Apple store.  Apple users can also download the app from the App store and Android users – Well you know where to get it, the Google App store!


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Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer Helps You See Things Better

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Windows 7 offers a great feature, taskbar thumbnails.  You know, when you roll over an open program in the taskbar and see a display of all the windows for that application open.  This “jump” type feature allows you to view the window you want to jump to quickly without having to cycle through a number of other windows first.

Some people struggle to see what is in the window when making a choice of what open window to jump to.  This is where the Win 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer helps you to adjust various aspects of the thumbnails to help you get a better idea of what is actually in the window.  Think back to when you have three open emails in Outlook and wanted to jump to a specific email and reply to it… Well if the thumbnail was larger it would be easy to identify the one email of the many open to jump right to it.

The program can be downloaded here. Click here to Download

Detailed instructions on how to ue the program can he found here: Instructions

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