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Over the years I have used a number of programs to capture my notes, images, and project information.  The problem is that two main challenges exist with these solutions. The first challenge was having various notes on different computers.  My life has evolved over the last few years and as a 28 year Windows guy, I made the jump to using Apple.  To be fair I also use Ubuntu and a few other OS to expand my understanding of these systems.  I can have at any given time two computers open and capturing notes for a meeting. Now you may think that you will never use two computers, but think about the need to access notes on your work laptop via your home computer.   I needed the ability to sync the notes to all of my computers.  Evernote allows you to do that and access information the cloud.

Capture everything, organize it, and find it fast.

The second point is similar to the first in that I want to access my data when I want, where I want.  Evernote allows me to do that with apps that run on the iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices. The best way to put it is from Evernote’s website: Capture everything, organize it, and find it fast.  I can capture a web page or clip a portion on my Mac, type a note or save an email from Outlook on my PC, and take a photo with audio from my iPhone and sync it to every device connected to Evernote. It’s just Simple.

Evernote offers a free and premium version of their software.  I have opted for the premium version as it offers additional features like accepting various Microsoft documents and a larger upload allowance and notebook sharing online.  SSL encryption is also a comforting touch with the premium version.

Evernote is an application that should be a must have for everyone.  Whether your a student, project manager, or someone who would like to just organize his or her notes, Evernote is your application.

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