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2 Weeks and Counting with my iPhone 4

by on Jul.22, 2010, under Apple, Blog, Featured, iPhone

Hey is that the new iPhone?  Common question that is still asked today.  My reply, yes it is.  Do you have the dropped call problem that they are talking about on the news?  My reply, no not in mine, they actually sent me a phone that did not have that problem.  I am only one out of the 1.7 million users that does not drop calls, has a constant 5 bars of signal at all times, and oh yeah my proximity sensor works so I do not hang up on people when I put my phone to my ear.  I have pull you know, Steve (Jobs) and I go way back.

The conversation continues, really you know Steve Jobs to which my reply is yes.  He and I are in the same telephone book and even live in the same state.  By this time they know I may not be totally up front with them and somehow discount the fact that my phone doesn’t drop calls.  Well in all honesty, my iPhone 4 drops as many calls as my iPhone 3Gs.  It is said to say that is why I am happy with it.  There I said it,  I am happy with my iPhone 4.

I am happy with my iPhone 4 for a number of reasons.  The screen is beautiful, it is faster than the previous 3Gs and coupled with the new IOS 4, well I really like it.  Do I like the Droid phone.  Yes I do, but I will have to say that it appears that Apple did do a good job with multitasking.  When I had my Motorola Droid and ran multiple apps it was reminiscent of the HP iPaq days.  It began to move slower and slower until I unloaded all the apps.  With my iPhone 4 I actually move to check and fine I have 15 apps running.  I realize that not all are running at the same time, or are they?  There are some residual tags that do draw battery, memory and I am sure some CPU cycles.

Every day more and more of my apps are available with IOS 4 compatibility and take advantage of the multitasking capability. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to shell out $200 a year for a new phone, but I have to say as long as I can do it, I will.

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